Auerbach Vieira’s Solo and Group Exhibitions coming soon to Canada!!!

Date : May 15, 2015
Hi kids…
Solo and group exhibitions coming soon to Canada!!!
If you planning to visit Canada for the next 6 months,we have great news!!!
 -Group Exhibition launching #destiny series at “

Joseph D. Carrier Art Gallery” from June 15 to July 21st.

-Solo at “Walnut Contemporary” #destiny series from July 4th to 28th.
-Group Exhibition at “US Embassy” in Ottawa from August to end September 2015.
-Group Exhibition in Montreal Art Gallery from October to end November 2015.

Number one female artist of her generation,nominated top 60 master of contemporary art in the world for the second consecutive year,compared to the mythical Andy Warhol by North American Critics,considered the Soullages in colors by French and recently called the New Picasso by a
Canadian Art Dealer,she just considers herself lucky to be able to what she loves…
The passion began at early childhood when her grandparents used to buy small gesso figures for and her older sister to paint. But surviving of art in a third World Country seems impossible so she decided to study architecture…after 2 years one of her teachers called her for an after class talk “He called me and said,are you sure you want to be an architect? All your projects are too artistically !!!” And after the talk the enrolled at the Visual Arts course.
At that point she was considered a rising star, she participated of very important exhibitions and was ranked between the most important artist of the century in Brazil.
After graduating she moved to NY to do her Master at Parsons School of Design what was interrupted by the September 11 attacks and she returned to Brazil.
Away from her painting for almost 10 years she decided to resume her career in March 2013,and a month later the market was already in love with her,again!!!
Berlin,New York,Miami,Barcelona,Los Angeles,São Paulo and Milan are just some of the places she has invitations to exhibit including the Louvre Museum in Paris where she had a chance to exhibit her work last October .
Invited to represent Brazilian Visual Arts during the Pan Am and Parapan Games Official Events and also at the Toronto Public Library Events she had to give up all the invitation around the world to organize her solo exhibition at Walnut Contemporary that will open in July as well,”It was a lot of work,working the concept,experiencing new techniques and then transferring ideas for canvases was a long process.” she records,but undoubted worth it!!!
Her new series named #destiny has a huge graffiti influence and some self portrait references as well.
Ranked by Twitter as Top 0.02% Top influencer between 302 million users and invited to be part of the Top 30 best artists to invest in New York by AK Art Dealers…
Asked what else she expects to accomplish her answer was sharp:”I expect to influence the new generation,not only artists but everyone,everyone has a dream and I’m here to prove that everything is possible!!!”
No doubts about it!!!

Hope to see you all here…
All the Best
Auerbach Vieira…