#‎destiny‬ by Auerbach Vieira coming next July to Walnut Contemporary Toronto

Date : March 25, 2015

des·ti·ny (dĕs′tə-nē)
n. pl. des·ti·nies
1. The inevitable or necessary fate to which a particular person or thing is destined; one’s lot.
2. A predetermined course of events considered as something beyond human power or control: “Marriage and hanging go by destiny” (Robert Burton).
3. The power or agency thought to predetermine events: Destiny brought them together.

‪#‎destiny‬ by Auerbach Vieira coming next July to Walnut Contemporary Toronto


#destiny by Auerbach Vieira

Date : March 4, 2015
 by Auerbach Vieira at CNN
Auerbach Vieira’s new series to be launched in Toronto next July!!!
Compared by North American critics as the new Andy Warhol and by French critics as the Soulages in colours she dives in a new universe…the Graffiti and self portraits!!!
From the ghettos to the museums…
How graffiti became the universal language?
Earlies 80’s graffiti was considered dirty other than art …
Just after Basquiat explosion on art markets that critics started to consider it as art,but with a long way to popularize it…
Used as a protest tool graffiti had its revolutionary moments,but nowadays it’s became an universal language…
Everywhere you go it’s there from AGO Basquiat’s exhibition to Madonna new album,passing thought São Paulo,Amsterdam and New York Streets…
Flowing in the same direction, acclaimed artist Auerbach Vieira is preparing her new series called #destiny, to be launched at her solo exhibition at Walnut Contemporary ,July 4th in Toronto.
“It was a long period of research,it has been my focus for the last 8 months…
And I’m very happy with the critics and comments about it!!!”-said the artist.