Date : May 31, 2014

Invited by “Art Platform NYC” to be at “Vanguard Visionaries Publication”…
The curators want to create an anthology of creative artists and designers who have already established a strong foundation, both in terms of their own aesthetic and visual style, but also in terms of international projects, goals and achievements.
Love NYC!!!

Date : May 26, 2014

Very happy for being invited to be at ‘ART UNLIMITED 100 Contemporary Artists’ from
“Masters Of Today -Collective Art Book Series at World of Art/London”


Date : May 23, 2014

#dreams series pictures by Sergey Shpakovsky

Date : May 20, 2014

So happy!!! Having my work recognized around the world is really a dream come true!!!

Dear Auerbach Vieira:

We are proud to invite you to the important Artistic Event ‘’Knights of Malta’’.
The event will take place to the Club Casino Maltese – 247 Republic Street, Valletta – Malta.
During the event we will award you with our prestigious Trophy.
One of your Artworks will be published on the bimonthly magazine ‘’Effetto Arte’’ into July/August issue.
In addition you will take part with one of your Artworks to the exhibition that will take place in the same Club Casino from 19th to 25th July 2014.
For the opening will participate Mr. Antony Coleiro, President of the Malta Tourism Authority Enforcement Board and other personalities of the world of politics and culture of Malta.

Dott. Francesco Saverio Russo

Date : May 18, 2014

Hi kids..
I’ve been working on my project…it’s crazy each new project I fall in love again and again with all the possibilities and colors in the world…
Writing and drawing a dream…
What colors are your #dreams? 
I dream bold,colorful,deep and intense…
Love you all
Thx for your visits…


Date : May 13, 2014

Good morning my French visitors!!!

Feel free to email me
French by heart ;0)
Love you…

Date : May 12, 2014

Hi kids…
Great news…
The launch of the publication will be at “Nardini Bookstore in Florence, Italy on June 9th at 5:30pm”.  The cameras of Toscana T.V. will be present for broadcast in Italy and the “ATIM Web TV of Arttour International Magazine” will be recording the presentation for international broadcast later in June.
A second presentation and award ceremony is planned at the prestigious “Nina Torres Gallery in Miami”, on September 5th 2014.
In addition, the catalog will be presented at the “Bologna Book Fair”, Italy, in September 2014.