Date : April 30, 2014

I’ve been working in my new series of paintings..
It’s called “#dreams”

The strength comes from the dream 

Nothing can stop it
It makes you see what others can’t
It is visceral
You can feel pulsing
Your blood boiling
Your thoughts never stop

And this is the path that takes your body
You immerse yourself in this vast
There is no return
The seconds are eternal now 
You just close your eyes
And take a deep breath
and live your #dreams

Date : April 30, 2014

New exhibition being scheduled for February/March 2015 at Fine Arts Museum of Nevada…
More details coming soon…

                                                              #ravishing series 2013

Date : April 27, 2014

Work in progress…


Date : April 25, 2014

The hidden Warhol gems…

#dreams #art

Warhol digital images from 1985 revealed by Pittsburgh computer club…

A digital image called 'Venus, 1985' created by Andy Warhol retrieved from disk 1998.3.2129.3.22 released to Reuters on April 24, 2014 is seen, courtesy of The Andy Warhol Museum. REUTERS-The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc.-Handout via Reuters

Date : April 20, 2014

Love my work!!!
Amazing how you can see passion and life through the colors ..




Date : April 19, 2014

Morning Kids….
Wave Magazine April Edition…